Hey Ooma

Umā is Sanskrit for "tranquillity", "splendour", "fame", and "night".

silent cities

Described as "The Real Deal" by Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music)

SC is the alias of experimental recording artist, Simon Maddison.


Based somewhere in the North of England.



Influenced by time, natural LANDscapes, and the human condition V.2




"Sounds like" AMBIENT whale-calls sucked in to a maelstrom and then blasted in to the outer reaches of space by NASA.





Or more SIMPLY like a transient Spectral-Orb/20 something narcissist with a shit guitar hiding behind a pedalboard.








#TheMdinaProject is the LATEST sequence of audio-visual explorations created by Silent Cities. 

Listen to #1 here #2 here #3 here 


Voice & Guitar / Simon Maddison
Drums & Percussion / Chris Cousineau

Photos by Brian Roberts (Bido Lito) and Georgia Flynn (LetsShoutAboutIt)

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