The Mdina Project

Escape from your world.

Create something infinite.

Dream no more. 

Turn in to a memory. 

Tune out.

Vibrate in harmony.

Artistic validation. 


Maintaining a creative environment. 

Correcting life balances to not sink in to repetitive prisons of obsession. 


Being unoriginal. 

Smiles go for miles. 

Meeting new people. 

Remembering every individual you meet on the street. 

Passively living a lie.

Following the lines in the sand. 

Smelling the colours of the past. 

Not living life to the full.

Bored of routine. 

Collective naivety. 

Hiding your true being.

Believing you can be more refined.

Cultural genocide. 

Thinking too much.


Growing old and watching everything change around you. 

Recording something that helps me understand all of the above. 

Mdina is born as a mirror of myself.