After writing and recording music in secret for about a decade I have dithered about making some kind of website that acts as a portal for the multitudes of social networks that exist. I fear they will one day become sentient and tell me what to say through telepathy (maybe they already are!).

Anyway, I recorded a load of demo's back in 2011 with an Indie label called 'Lost at Sea Records'. This acted as the first leap in to being a fully fledged recording artist of some sort. I got a bit of airplay on BBC 6 Music and BBC Radio Merseyside with several presenters commending me as 'The Real Deal', and I ended up being invited to play at a lot of shows across England. This ultimately made me decide on recording something in a proper studio with a top producer, as you do.

This brought me in to the welcoming arms of the Mexican maestro producer known as Mario Leal, who has worked with some pretty famous acts and a wild mix of up and coming artists in the area. This collaboration resulted in my debut single release titled 'Eigenlicht' with the tracks Global Aerobics and Haptophic, accompanied by the song D&H as the unfinished B-side (which you can listen to entirely for free on my soundcloud).

On top of this I got loads of support from a local incubator label called Rebel Soul who have been bigging up all the stuff I do and they even decided to fund all my studio work!!! Without Rebel Soul I would no doubt be counting pennies for a very long time and I would probably release my first album late winter in 2046. Thanks to their support, a single from 'The Medina Album' will be released Winter 2014 with the rest hitting you in the goolies at some point in 2015.


Silent Sim